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Bashkin Owner: Russell Lewis

michael bashkin

I'd wanted to get a really good fingerstyle guitar for ages, and for just a little more than the price of a good factory guitar I found I could have one custom made.  Being in Australia, I never got the chance to play a Bashkin first-hand, but online Michael had a very good reputation. Speaking with him through the order and build process, I realized Michael knows his craft and can translate what I needed as a player to the guitar.

It was always a risk ordering a guitar without playing it first, and the wait was tough – though Michael kept me updated with many photos and emails throughout the build.  Ultimately I ended up with something very special.  I received my Italian Spruce/Honduran Rosewood Placencia in 2007, and it has exceeded all my expectations.

Aesthetically, when you see one of Michael’s guitars you know it’s a Bashkin and not another Martin clone.  But the tone and feel are what make it a truly great guitar.  I wanted a fingerstyle guitar that could handle DADGAD and other tunings, one that when you pick it up you'd lose track of time playing. Over the years this guitar has just continued to mature into a really great guitar.

The fact that you don't see many 2nd-hand Bashkins for sale speaks volumes. In 2011 (with a VERY understanding wife), I got my second Bashkin guitar – an LS Redwood/Mahogany slotted headstock 00-12 fret. I have to say the 00-12 fret is the best guitar I’ve played.

I feel fortunate to own two exceptional guitars!