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Announcing the Luthier on Luthier Podcast

michael bashkin


Big news… I have partnered with the Fretboard Journal to create a podcast entitled Luthier on Luthier. Once a month, I’ll conduct long-form interviews with some of my favorite guitar builders and musicians, learning about what inspires them, what projects are currently on the table and much more. The podcast is available through the Fretboard Journal website, via iTunes, and on a variety of other networks including Stitcher.

Here are the official show descriptions and audio links for our current episodes:


Episode One: Ervin Somogyi

Ervin Somogyi is often referred to as the luthier’s luthier: His guitars are among the most well-known and sought after custom instruments being made today. Ervin has influenced the custom guitar world, not with his own guitars, but also by training some of today’s top builders and by authoring his two-book series, the Responsive Guitar. For our debut episode of Luthier on Luthier, Ervin and I cover a lot of topics including what he enjoys most about guitar building, his approach to understanding how guitars work and his thoughts on design.


Episode Two: Burton Legeyt

Burton Legeyt started building guitars without any formal training or apprenticeship. Instead he came to guitar building through painting, picture framing, metal working and vintage watchmaking equipment. His open-minded approach gives his guitars a distinctive look and feel, even down to the tuning machines. In this interview, we cover restoring vintage tooling, his definition of art, why he started (and stopped) shaving braces with a razor blade.


Episode Three: Laurent Brondel

Before moving to the United States, Laurent Brondel was a professional musician in France for 20 years. Laurent originally moved to New York and, along the way, he started to work on his own guitars. Laurent eventually found himself in rural Maine and, after working for a time at Bourgeois guitars, he started building guitars under his own name. For our third episode, Laurent and I talk about this journey and hear his perspective on the music industry, the inspiration he takes from vintage Martins, his varnish finishes as well as his new electric guitars.


On the latest Luthier on Luthier podcast, I interview classical guitar maker John Bogdanovich. John aspired to be a professional classical guitar player but was waylaid by stage fright and went onto another career path before he came to study with renown woodworker James Krenov. His studies with Krenov eventually led him back to the guitar world but this time as a maker. John is also the author of the excellent book, Classical Guitar Making, published by Sterling Press. In this in-depth interview, John and I cover a lot of ground and he makes no bones about where he sees room for improvement in today’s players, guitar makers and their instruments.


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