Michael Bashkin

Custom Guitars & Repair IN FORT COLLINS, COLORADO

Bashkin guitars are meticulously designed and built in Fort Collins, Colorado by Michael Bashkin, using select materials and a combination of traditional and contemporary methods. The result is an instrument able to express itself fully, both visually and tonally, with every element in perfect balance.


About Michael Bashkin

The Art, Science and Language of Wood

Michael understands wood on a level that few of us do. He sees grain the way a photographer sees the nuances of texture in reflected light. He hears the resonance. He feels the personality captured in a sheet of Italian spruce. He hears the voice, bright and full of life, waiting to be expressed.




Luthier On Luthier 

I have partnered with the Fretboard Journal to create a podcast entitled Luthier on Luthier. Once a month, I conduct long-form interviews with guitar builders and musicians, learning about what inspires them, what projects are currently on the table and much more.