Buying Your Guitar 

The Process of Designing and Building Your Guitar

In your first conversation with Michael, you’ll realize this is not an ordinary “buying” experience. This is nothing like visiting a retail store and “buying a guitar” – even a very fine instrument.  

Michael invites you into the design process. You’ll discuss guitar tops and tonewoods – the tonal character that comes with Italian spruce versus cedar, a mahogany back versus rosewood. You’ll consider neck profiles, the geometry of the guitar body, the layout of the frets.  Together you’ll conceptualize your instrument in every detail – a guitar that matches your musical taste and playing style exactly.  

This is a collaborative experience. How deeply would you like to be involved in the design decisions that will bring your guitar to life?  It’s your choice. Every detail in design and materials can be customized. Or you can choose to rely on Michael’s judgment once he’s learned enough about your playing style to understand what kind of musical experience you’re looking for.


Every Bashkin guitar is made to order. The design process is flexible, and inspiration is always welcome. The whole process generally spans about 14 to 18 months from order to delivery. During that period, Michael will check in with you occasionally with updates, questions and design decisions that must be finalized. Together you’ll select tonewoods – either from Michael’s personal collection of heirloom tonewoods or from those he will order for you.  After selecting a guitar model to suit your playing style, you’ll be ready to decide how the instrument will be voiced.

For inspiration along the way, Michael will send you photographs of guitars as they are finished for other customers. You may fall in love with the rich look of a “torched” burl in the rosette (the decorative ring surrounding the sound hole) instead of a single, simple ring… Or amber inlays in the fingerboard… Or an art deco overlay on the head stock.  

For comfort during longer playing sessions, you may add a Ryan-style beveled edge on the upper edge of your guitar… Or switch to a shorter scale length… Or choose a slightly slimmer neck.  

Once Michael begins building your instrument, you’ll be welcome to visit the shop occasionally. He will also invite you to follow along with a private online gallery of in-process photographs.


The day your instrument is delivered will be among the most memorable of your musical life.  Later, you’ll realize that every day with your Bashkin guitar is fresh and entertaining – because your instrument will constantly evolve as time passes.

Unlike many production guitars that are over-built and stiff, your Bashkin guitar is built to relax and improve with age. The more you play it, the more clearly you will hear greater depth and complexity emerge in its tone. You will feel it become more and more responsive. To others this evolution may seem very subtle, even imperceptible. But to you it will be unmistakable – and the source of great pleasure for many years.


My order list is now open! Please contact me for details and build times.

The base price for all models is $7,800.

The base price includes your choice of Sitka spruce or cedar top; Indian rosewood, Cocobolo or Honduran mahogany back and sides; an Ameritage or Hiscox hardshell case; two-way truss rod; and all Standard Features. 

For more information about pricing of premium features please contact Michael.

Payment and Delivery via FedEx Air

A $1,000 non-refundable deposit locks in your order at the current prices and secures a spot in the building schedule. Once we have received your deposit, we’ll send you an invoice for your records.

You don’t need to decide on the options and specifications at this point. Before construction begins, you’ll discuss your order with Michael and work towards your wood choices, options and specifications. You’ll receive photographs of the tonewoods available to reserve for your guitar. Guitars with custom options or woods may require a larger initial deposit.

We’ll let you know 30 days before your guitar's construction is scheduled to begin, and 50% of the balance will be due when construction actually starts. During the building process, Michael will create a private on-line photo album for you, so you can watch your instrument come to life. Please ask questions or share comments anytime. The full balance will be due when your guitar is completed, prior to shipment.

Your guitar will be shipped FED EX air. Prices do not include shipping and local or international taxes.